Inclusiveness in access to health services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Hanna Kociemska and Romuald Cichon

Article history:
Received: 03 March 2022
Accepted: 17 December 2022


Addressing social inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is a pressing concern because the region faces crippling socioeconomic inequalities. We consider it essential to explore the determinants of inclusion in the healthcare system, but that can be done more effectively by determining the drivers of inequality in health access. To this end, our research focused on 47 SSA countries from 2000–2019. First, we calculate the Inclusion Healthcare Index (IHI) based on socioeconomic characteristics specific to SSA countries. Then, we verify the selected determinants of the IHI, including the level of health expenditure and quality of government. Contrary to common wisdom, the results suggest that neither health expenditure levels nor the quality of government significantly affects the degree of inclusion of the healthcare system in SSA

inclusiveness, healthcare expenditure, sub-Saharan Africa, quality of government

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