African Review of Economics and Finance (AREF)
    • Africa-Asia trade versus Africa’s trade with the North: Trends and trajectories

      Author: Tsitsi Effie Mutambara

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 273-299 (Volume 4 2013)

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      This study shows that Europe continues to be Africa’s major trading partner given the historical relations and long standing trading arrangements between the two. However, evidence also shows that despite maintaining strong trade linkages with Europe, Africa’s trade with Asia has b... Read More

    • Africa’s Failed Economic Development Trajectory: A Critique

      Author: Franklin Obeng Odoom

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 151-175 (Volume 4 2013)

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      Crisis narratives and populist representations of the woes of Africa abound. Civil society organisations do not always help, as their activities continue to sustain a particularly negative image of Africa. ‘Revisionists’ have tried to counter this state of affairs by providing &lsq... Read More

    • Microfinance: Perils and Prospects

      Author: Jude Fernando

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 305-310 (Volume 4 2013)

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      ecedented success of the Grameen Bank which continues to provide millions of dollars in loans to poor people in Bangladesh via their internationally recognized microfinance program. Some important characteristics associated with microcredit are collateral free lending, low interest loans, reac... Read More

    • Millennium Development Goals: Looking Beyond 2015

      Author: Matthew Clarke and Simon Feeny

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 300-304 (Volume 5 2013)

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      As their 2015 deadline approaches, development practitioners and politicians alike are under growing pressure to account for why progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has been asymmetric, and why it seems likely that a number of MDGs will not be met. Indeed, the de... Read More

    • Determinants of moonlighting in Ghana: an empirical investigation

      Author: William Baah Boateng, Prince Adjei and Abena Oduro

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 176-202 (Volume 4 2013)

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      The desire of workers to engage in moonlighting, a phenomenon of multiple job-holding is a reflection of some of the changing labour market outcomes. Public sector workers who suffered loss of jobs through public sector retrenchment and privatisation as part of Ghana’s economic reform re... Read More

    • Ethiopia’s Investment Prospects: A Sectoral Overview

      Author: Derk Bienen and Dan Ciuriak

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 203-246 (Volume 4 2013)

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      Ethiopia is in the midst of a sustained growth surge that is becoming increasingly broadbased, building on major improvements in educational attainment, improved health outcomes, and infrastructure capacity in terms of access to power, transportation and telecommunications. The Government&rsqu... Read More

    • Stock returns and Friday the 13th effect in five African countries

      Author: Ferdi Botha

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 247-253 (Volume 4 2013)

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      This study is concerned with Friday the 13th and daily stock market returns in five African countries. Using the MSCI Global Equity Indices during various periods, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that there is no Friday the 13th effect.  

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    • The Quest for Equity in the Provision of Health Care in Ghana

      Author: Prince Boakye Frimpong

      Source: African Review of Economics and Finance, pp 254-272 (Volume 4 2013)

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      Ghana has pursued extensive reforms of its health care system since the colonial days. The intended goals of such reforms apparently were to improve access, increase efficiency and reduce health inequalities. It has attempted to achieve these goals through a significant state control and inter... Read More