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  1.  The Everyday Life of the Poor in Cameroon: The Role of Social Networks in Meeting Needs by Nathanael Ojong.

      Nathanael Ojong

  2.  Bank competition or concentration: Which is more important for access to finance in Africa?

      Joseph Olorunfemi Akande, Ntokozo Nzimande, Joseph Chisasa and Tafirenyika Sunde

  3.  The impact of formal financial services uptake on asset holdings in Kenya: Causal evidence from a propensity score-matching approach

      Baraka Msulwa, Richard Chamboko, Celina Lee, Jaco Weideman and Krista Nordin

  4.  Economic consequences of death and disability in Nigeria

      Idowu Daniel Onisanwa and Olanrewaju Olaniyan

  5.  An empirical insight into the international tourism – foreign direct investment nexus in Africa

      Olufemi Adewale Aluko

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