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  1.  Investor herding during COVID-19: Evidence from the South African Exchange Traded Fund market

      Damien Kunjala and Faeezah Peerbhai

  2.  Casablanca Stock Exchange response to the COVID-19 pandemic

      Khalil Nait Bouzid and Ulrich Ekouala Makala

  3.  Modeling and forecasting of COVID-19 from the context of Ghana

      Jamal Mohammed, Abdullah Mohammed Ghazi Al Khatib, Pradeep Mishra, Prince Adjei, Pankaj Kumar Singh, S.R. Krishan Priya and Soumitra S. Das

  4.  The impact of COVID-19 on stock market liquidity: Evidence from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

      Damien Kunjal

  5.  Assessing the impact of COVID-19 induced rating downgrades on Eurobond yields in Africa

      Misheck Mutize

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