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  1.  Ecological Imperialism, Development, and the Capitalist World-System: Cases from Africa and Asia, Mariko Lin Frame 2022, Routledge, ISBN 9780367204105 (Hardcopy), 224 pp.

      Alizee Ville

  2.  COVID-19 and Trade in Zimbabwe: An Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Analysis

      Regret Sunge

  3.  Verifying the Tunisian exchange regime stability in the post-revolution period by state-space models and high-frequency data

      Mohamed Bouabidi

  4.  Analysis of Factors Affecting the Performance of Moroccan Exports

      Tahar Harkat, Samir Aguenaou, Jawad Abrache and Anas Saoudi

  5.  Smooth Transitioning Growth in Malawi: The Role of Economic Policy

      Ronald Mangani

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