Author Title Keywords Date
Author Title Keywords
Suzette Viviers and Gideon Els Responsible investing in South Africa: past, present and future Social and Corporate Governance,Impact investing,Institutional investors,Responsible investing,South Africa
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Alex Bara, Gifty Mugano and Pierre Le Roux Spatial externalities, openness and financial development in the SADC Spatial Externalities,Spatiality,Financial Development,SADC
Kerry McCullough Price discovery on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange: Examining the impact of the SATRIX Top 40 Exchange Traded Fund Price discovery,SATRIX 40,FTSE/JSE Top 40
Renee Horne Patterns of empowerment and disempowerment in the South African mining sector Empowerment,Rational Choice,Mining
Michael Harber The role of institutional investors in promoting long-term value creation: A South African perspective South Africa
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Maura Feddersen, Hugo Nel and Ferdi Botha Exports, capital formation and economic growth in South Africa Exports,Economic growth,South Africa
Peter Moores-Pitt and Barry ephen Strydom Equities as a hedge against inflation in South Africa Inflation,Fisher Effect,Fama's Proxy Hypothesis,ARDL,Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Michael Gwama Explaining weak financial development in Africa Africa,economic growth,endowments,financial sector,inequality
Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla Real exchange rate misalignment and economic performance in Sudan Cointegration,economic performance,erro correction model,exchange rate misalignment,Sudan
Angela Azumah Alu,Mohammed Amidu, K. A. Osei and Ransford Kuipo The effect of funding strategy on the lending patterns of banks in Ghana Africa,developing country,funding sources,Ghana,lending patterns
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Daniel Domeher, Joseph M. Frimpong And Thomas Appiah Adoption of financial innovation in the Ghanaian banking industry e-banking,financial innovation,Ghana,technology,West Africa
Wadjamsse Beaudelaire Djezou Community-based forest management in Côte d’Ivoire: A theoretical investigation anti-infiltration effort,external financial support,joint forest management,local community,protected forest
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Peter Gibilisco Politics, disability and social inclusion: People with different abilities in the 21st century Ghana
Gufu Oba Nomads in the shadows of empires Africa,Ethiopia,Kenya,empires
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John Weeks Economics of the 1%: How mainstream economics serves the rich, obscures reality and distorts policy rich,distorts policy
Melvin Ayogu and Don Ross Development dilemmas: The methods and political ethics of growth policy political ethics
Frederic S. Lee and Marc Lavoie In defence of post-Keynesian and heterodox economics - responses to their critics critics
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Ambe J. Njoh The validity of owner-reported property cost as a measure of property values in a developing real estate market, Cameroon building valuation, building permit, hedonic model, housing trait prices,
Sheila Kaminchia Unemployment in Kenya: Some economic factors affecting wage employment demand for labour, natural rate of unemployment, terms of trade
Nate Plageman Highlife Saturday night: Popular music and social change in urban Ghana Ghana
Shaun Wilson The struggle over work: The ‘end of work’ and employment alternatives for post-industrial societies The struggle over work:
Zakariah Ali Walk with the devil: My endless struggle against the cunning and traps of the devil Devil
Godfred Amewu Implication of mergers and acquisitions on stock returns before and during the 2007–2009 credit crunch: An event study Economic crisis, non-economic crisis, M&As, event study, stock returns
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Saleem Badat The forgotten people: Political banishment under apartheid The forgotten people
Li Xiaoyun, Qi Gubo, Tang Lixia, Zhao Lixia, Jin Leshan, Guo Zhanfen and Wu Jin Agricultural development in China and Africa: A comparative analysis Agricultural development
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Martin Oteng Ababioa and Ebenezer Forkuo Amankwaa The e-waste conundrum: Balancing evidence from the North and on-the-ground developing countries' realities for improved management E-waste recycling, formal-informal interface, livelihood, waste management, Accra
Justice Tei Mensaha, Philip Kofi Adom and Maame Pomaa Berko Does automation improve stock market efficiency in Ghana? automation, stock market efficiency, Ghana Stock Exchange
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Richard Clay and Gavin Keeton The South African yield curve as a predictor of economic downturns: an update predictor
Pierre Faure Is the repo a derivative? derivative, repo
Jim Stanford Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism. Economics
Wasseem Mina Do Bilateral Investment Treaties Encourage FDI in the GCC Countries? Bilateral, investment
Stephen .E .Armah Does political stability improve the aid-growth relationship? A panel evidence on selected Sub Saharan African countries political stability
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AP Faure Redefining the money market money market, monetary policy, money, financial markets
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Luke Humprey and Gavin Fraser 2010 FIFA World Cup stadium investment: Does the post-event usage justify the expenditure? 2010 FIFA World Cup, Stadium investment, Utilisation
Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei And Joyce Osei Adjei Analysis of the impact of alternative enterprise interventions on poverty and livelihoods in rural Ghana Rural Development, Poverty, Livelihoods, Micro-enterprise Development, Ghana
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Nicholas Addai Boamah Regional and global market integration of African financial markets Market integration, Structural breaks, Diversification gains, Emerging markets, Africa
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FranklIn Obeng Odoom George Adu, PhD. (1977-2019): The Social Planner goes home George Adu, valedictory remembrance 2019-06-01
Hannah Vivian Osei Tribute to a true and loyal friend George Adu, valedictory remembrance 2019-06-01
Demographic Dividend of Ghana: The National Transfer Approach Ghana, National Transfer Accounts, First Demographic Dividend, Lifecycle Deficit, Economic Support Ratio 2019-06-28
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A journal of AREF Consult Table of contents for the December Issue, Volume 11 Issue 2, December 2019 Table of content, December 2019 2019-12-01
FranklIn Obeng-Odoom and Daniel W. Bromley Interview with Professor Daniel W. Bromley, University of Wisconsin-Madison Inequality, Institutions, Daniel Bromley, Institutional Economics 2020-05-01
Augustin Kwasi Fosu and Dede Woade Gafa Progress on poverty in Africa: How have growth and inequality mattered? Poverty, Inequality, Growth, Africa 2020-05-01
Dorrit Posel, Daniela Casale and Erofili Grapsa Household variation and inequality: The implications of equivalence scales in South Africa Household structure, Equivalence scales, Inequality, Race, South Africa. 2020-05-01
Mouhamadou Fallilou Ndiaye Persistent inequality in Guinea-Bissau: The role of France, the CFA Franc, and long-term currency imperialism CFA Currency, Guinea-Bissau, Synthetic Control Method (SCM) 2020-05-01
Chibuzo N Nwoke Rethinking the idea of independent development and self-reliance in Africa Africa, Independent Development, Self Reliance, External Trade, Foreign Aid, Growth 2020-05-01
Velenkosini Matsebula and Derek Yu An analysis of financial inclusion in South Africa Financial inclusion, financial services, NIDS, South Africa. 2020-05-01
Odile Mackett The measurement of decent work in South Africa: A new attempt at studying quality of work Decent work, Labour, Labour Force Survey, Labour Market, ILO 2020-05-01
John Mukum Mbaku Comment on 'Poverty in Africa: How have growth and inequality mattered?' Africa, Income inequality, Wealth inequality, Extreme poverty. 2020-05-01
Augustin Kwasi Fosu and Dede Woade Gafa Reflections on comment by John Mbaku on 'Poverty in Africa: How have growth and inequality mattered?' Poverty, Africa 2020-05-01
Reginald Cline-Cole Bouquets and brickbats along the road to development freedom and sovereignty: Commentary on 'Rethinking the idea of independent development and self-reliance in Africa' Africa, Development, Autonomy, Radicalism, Alternatives, Environment Solidarity. 2020-05-01
Vishnu Padayachee Extraordinary times: Frank Stilwell and the study of inequality Inequality, political economy, alternative public policy. 2020-05-01
Edward Webster Inequality, the pitfalls, and the promise of liberation in Africa Inequality, pitfalls, Africa 2020-05-01
Abdallah Zouache From inequality to stratification: Obeng-Odoom's contribution to the study of inequality in Africa Stratification, inequality, Africa, Land 2020-05-01
Franklin Obeng-Odoom COVID-19, Inequality, and Social Stratification in Africa Global Health Crisis, Africa, Inequality, Social Stratification. 2020-05-01
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