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Author Title Keywords
Gideon Baoko, Isaac Attah Acheampong And Muazu Ibrahim Determinants of bank credit in Ghana: A bounds-testing cointegration approach Bank credit,ARDL cointegration,Real lending rate,Bank deposit,Ghana
Suzette Viviers and Gideon Els Responsible investing in South Africa: past, present and future Social and Corporate Governance,Impact investing,Institutional investors,Responsible investing,South Africa
Elias Danyi Kuusaana Winners and losers in large-scale land transactions in Ghana Ë— Opportunities for win-win outcomes Land Markets,Land price,Chisftaincy,Agro-investment,Ghana
Alex Bara, Gifty Mugano and Pierre Le Roux Spatial externalities, openness and financial development in the SADC Spatial Externalities,Spatiality,Financial Development,SADC
Kerry McCullough Price discovery on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange: Examining the impact of the SATRIX Top 40 Exchange Traded Fund Price discovery,SATRIX 40,FTSE/JSE Top 40
Renee Horne Patterns of empowerment and disempowerment in the South African mining sector Empowerment,Rational Choice,Mining
Michael Harber The role of institutional investors in promoting long-term value creation: A South African perspective South Africa
Paul Alagidede, Nikolaos Koutounidis and Theodore Panagiotidis On the stability of the CAPM before and after the financial crisis: Panel evidence from the Johannesburg Securities Exchange Panel data,CAPM,South Africa,Global financial crisis
Jacob Novignon and Akanni O. Lawanson Health expenditure and child health outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa Health expenditure,Child health outcomes,Lag effects,SSA
Maura Feddersen, Hugo Nel and Ferdi Botha Exports, capital formation and economic growth in South Africa Exports,Economic growth,South Africa
Peter Moores-Pitt and Barry ephen Strydom Equities as a hedge against inflation in South Africa Inflation,Fisher Effect,Fama's Proxy Hypothesis,ARDL,Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Michael Gwama Explaining weak financial development in Africa Africa,economic growth,endowments,financial sector,inequality
Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla Real exchange rate misalignment and economic performance in Sudan Cointegration,economic performance,erro correction model,exchange rate misalignment,Sudan
Angela Azumah Alu,Mohammed Amidu, K. A. Osei and Ransford Kuipo The effect of funding strategy on the lending patterns of banks in Ghana Africa,developing country,funding sources,Ghana,lending patterns
Brownhilder Ngek Neneh and Van Aardt Smit Do IPOs underperform in the long run? Evidence from the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) IPO,long-run performance,JSE
Daniel Domeher, Joseph M. Frimpong And Thomas Appiah Adoption of financial innovation in the Ghanaian banking industry e-banking,financial innovation,Ghana,technology,West Africa
Wadjamsse Beaudelaire Djezou Community-based forest management in Côte d’Ivoire: A theoretical investigation anti-infiltration effort,external financial support,joint forest management,local community,protected forest
Candice Moore, Brussels P. I.E and Peter Lang Regional integration and social cohesion: Perspectives from the developing world South Africa
Peter Gibilisco Politics, disability and social inclusion: People with different abilities in the 21st century Ghana
Gufu Oba Nomads in the shadows of empires Africa,Ethiopia,Kenya,empires
Jolle Demmers, Alex E. Fernández Jilberto and Barbara Hogenboom Good governance in the era of global neoliberalism: Conflict and depolitisation in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa governance,global neoliberalism
John Weeks Economics of the 1%: How mainstream economics serves the rich, obscures reality and distorts policy rich,distorts policy
Melvin Ayogu and Don Ross Development dilemmas: The methods and political ethics of growth policy political ethics
Frederic S. Lee and Marc Lavoie In defence of post-Keynesian and heterodox economics - responses to their critics critics
Achamyeleh Gashu Adam Peri-urban land rights in the era of urbanisation in Ethiopia: A property rights approach Ethiopia, Landholder, leaseholder, peri-urban, property rights, urbanisation
Ambe J. Njoh The validity of owner-reported property cost as a measure of property values in a developing real estate market, Cameroon building valuation, building permit, hedonic model, housing trait prices,
Sheila Kaminchia Unemployment in Kenya: Some economic factors affecting wage employment demand for labour, natural rate of unemployment, terms of trade
Nate Plageman Highlife Saturday night: Popular music and social change in urban Ghana Ghana
Shaun Wilson The struggle over work: The ‘end of work’ and employment alternatives for post-industrial societies The struggle over work:
Zakariah Ali Walk with the devil: My endless struggle against the cunning and traps of the devil Devil
Godfred Amewu Implication of mergers and acquisitions on stock returns before and during the 2007–2009 credit crunch: An event study Economic crisis, non-economic crisis, M&As, event study, stock returns
Clarence Tshitereke The experience of economic redistribution: The growth, employment and redistribution strategy in South Africa South Africa
Saleem Badat The forgotten people: Political banishment under apartheid The forgotten people
Li Xiaoyun, Qi Gubo, Tang Lixia, Zhao Lixia, Jin Leshan, Guo Zhanfen and Wu Jin Agricultural development in China and Africa: A comparative analysis Agricultural development
Caston Sigauke, Rhoda Makhwiting and Maseka Lesaoana Modelling conditional heteroskedasticity in JSE stock returns using the Generalised Pareto Distribution Extreme value theory, GARCH, Generalized Pareto Distribution, risk management
Martin Oteng Ababioa and Ebenezer Forkuo Amankwaa The e-waste conundrum: Balancing evidence from the North and on-the-ground developing countries' realities for improved management E-waste recycling, formal-informal interface, livelihood, waste management, Accra
Justice Tei Mensaha, Philip Kofi Adom and Maame Pomaa Berko Does automation improve stock market efficiency in Ghana? automation, stock market efficiency, Ghana Stock Exchange
Taibat Lawanson and Leke Oduwaye Socio-economic adaptation strategies of the urban poor in the Lagos metropolis, Nigeria Ethnic alliance, informal economy, Lagos, poverty, rotating credit
Doug Saunders Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History is Reshaping our World Arrival City, Largest Migration, Our world
Stephen Adaawen and Boabang Owusu North-South Migration and Remittances in Ghana Temporary Chinese Migration to Madagascar: Local Perceptions, Economic Impacts, and Human Capital Flows
George Bob-Milliar and Gloria Bob-Milliar The Politics of Trans-Saharan Transit Migration in the Maghreb: Ghanaian Migrants in Libya, c.1980 - 2012 sub-Saharan Africa, transit, immigrant, migration, Maghre
Retselisitsoe Thamaea and Mpolelo Letsoelab Food inflation in Lesotho: Implications for monetary policy Core inflation, food inflation, Lesotho, monetary policy, nonfood inflation
Vincent Manirakiza Promoting inclusive approaches to address urbanization challenges in Kigali housing, inclusive urbanization, land, urban planning
Cornelia Tremann Temporary Chinese Migration to Madagascar: Local Perceptions, Economic Impacts, and Human Capital Flows Chinese migration, Madagascar, human capital, perceptions, impacts
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Daouda Cissé South-South Migration and Sino-African Small Traders: A Comparative Study of Chinese in Senegal and Africans in China South-South cooperation, trade, migration, China, Africa, small traders, trade networks, socio-economic development
Esther Dungumaro Consequences of Female Migration for Families in Tanzania Female migration, Iringa, migration-development, Tanzania
Derya Ozkul and Franklin Obeng Odoom Temporary Migration in Africa: Views from the Global South Temporary, Migration, Africa, Global South
Franklin Obeng Odoom Africa’s Failed Economic Development Trajectory: A Critique Africa, Socio-economic Indicators, Progress, Development
Tsitsi Effie Mutambara Africa-Asia trade versus Africa’s trade with the North: Trends and trajectories Trade intensity, trading partners, South-South linkages
Jude Fernando Microfinance: Perils and Prospects Microfinanace, Perils, Prospect
Matthew Clarke and Simon Feeny Millennium Development Goals: Looking Beyond 2015 Millennium, Development Goals
William Baah Boateng, Prince Adjei and Abena Oduro Determinants of moonlighting in Ghana: an empirical investigation Moonlighting, Multiple job-holding, Employment, Earnings, Underemployment, Ghana
Derk Bienen and Dan Ciuriak Ethiopia’s Investment Prospects: A Sectoral Overview Ethiopia, investment, growth and transformation plan
Ferdi Botha Stock returns and Friday the 13th effect in five African countries Friday the 13th, stock returns, anomalies, Africa
Prince Boakye Frimpong The Quest for Equity in the Provision of Health Care in Ghana Ghana, Health care reforms, Equity, Shortfall inequality
George Adu, George Marbuah and Justice Tei Mensah Contribution of Agriculture to Deforestation in the Tropics: A Theoretical Investigation Agriculture, Deforestation, Optimal control
Stephen A. Adaawen and Stig H. Jorgensen Eking out a living: The livelihoodimplications of urban space regulation on street hawking in Accra, Ghana Hawkers, Abaayei, Decongestion, Relocation, Informal Economy, Odawna
Zelalem Yirga Adamu Institutional analysis of condominium management system in Amhara region: the caseof Bahir Dar city Bahir Dar; Condominium; Institution Analysis; Management system
Henk Bakker Food Security in Africa and Asia: Strategies for Small-scale Agricultural Development Food security
Belinda Yuen and Asfaw Kumssa Climate Change and Sustainable Urban Development in Africa and Asia Urban Development
Philippe Lebailly and Damien Muteba Characteristics of Urban Food insecurity: The Case of Kinshasa food consumption, food security, agricultural policy
Franklin Obeng-Odoom Special Issue of African Review of Economics and Finance Editorial: Urbanity, Urbanism, and Urbanisation in Africa Urbanisation in Africa
Linda Magwaro-Ndiweni Contestation in the Use of Residential space: House Typologies and Residential Land in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. House types, urban space, residential areas, housing
Moses Mpuria Kindiki International Regime Governance and Apparel Labour Upgrading in Export Processing Zones in Urban Kenya Apparel, Global Value Chain, Dependency, Regimes, Governance, Upgrading, Urban
Ludovic Andres and Philippe Lebailly Peri-urban Agriculture: The Case of Market Gardening in Niamey, Niger Agriculture, Market gardening, food, land
Nathanael Ojong Livelihood Strategies in African Cities: The Case of Residents in Bamenda, Cameroon City, Livelihood, Bamenda, Informal, Income
Collins G. Ntim and Kofi A. Osei The Impact of Corporate Board Meetings on Corporate Performance in South Africa South Africa
Samia Satti Osman Mohamed Nour Assessment of the Impact of Oil: Opportunities and Challenges for Economic Development in Sudan Sudan
Bernardin Senadza Does Non-farm Income Improve or Worsen Income Inequality? Evidence from Rural Ghana Ghana
Eric Fosu Oteng-Abayie, Kofi Amanor and Joseph Magnus Frimpong The Measurement and Determinants of Economic Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions in Ghana: A Stochastic Frontier Approach Microfinance, Stochastic Frontier Approach
Richard Clay and Gavin Keeton The South African yield curve as a predictor of economic downturns: an update predictor
Pierre Faure Is the repo a derivative? derivative, repo
Jim Stanford Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism. Economics
Wasseem Mina Do Bilateral Investment Treaties Encourage FDI in the GCC Countries? Bilateral, investment
Stephen .E .Armah Does political stability improve the aid-growth relationship? A panel evidence on selected Sub Saharan African countries political stability
Mabwe Kumbirai and Robert Webb A financial Ratio Analysis of Commercial Bank Performance in South Africa South Africa
Okechukwu Ukaga, Ukoha O. Ukiwo and Ibaba Samuel Ibaba (eds.) Natural Resources, Conflict, and Sustainable Development: Lessons from the Niger Delta Natural resources
Young, E.M. Food and Development Food and Development
Simon and Schuster The Leaderless Revolution: How Ordinary People will take Power and Change Politics in the 21 st Century 21st century
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Collins G. Ntim Why African Stock Markets Should Formally Harmonise and Integrate their Operations Harmonisation and integration, Efficiency, Share price indices, Stock markets, Africa
George Adu and Paul Alagidede Modern macroeconomics: a review of the post 2008/2009 crisis debate Financial Crisis, Modern Macroeconomics, Rational Expectations, Illusion, Perception and Reality
AP Faure Redefining the money market money market, monetary policy, money, financial markets
Dylan A. Smith and David Fryer The New Frontier in Risk Assessment: Estimation of Corporate Credit Rating Quality in Emerging Markets Corporate Credit Rating, Ordered Probit, Financial Intermediation
Kwasi Kwafo Adarkwa The changing face of Ghanaian towns Urbanisation, urban form, urban infrastructure, Ghanaian towns
Luke Humprey and Gavin Fraser 2010 FIFA World Cup stadium investment: Does the post-event usage justify the expenditure? 2010 FIFA World Cup, Stadium investment, Utilisation
Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei And JOyce Osei Adjei Analysis of the impact of alternative enterprise interventions on poverty and livelihoods in rural Ghana Rural Development, Poverty, Livelihoods, Micro-enterprise Development, Ghana
Elina Amadhila and Sylvanus Ikhide Constraints to financing agriculture in Namibia Agriculture financing; Namibia; Small and Medium Enterprises
Geoffrey Radier, Akios Majoni, Kosmas Njanike and Marko Kwaramba Determinants of bond yield spread changes in South Africa Equity volatility, Bond yield spread changes, Corporate bonds, South Africa, Emerging markets
Tamokwé Piaptie Georges Bertrand and Jazet Mezakeng Fidele Simplice Digital divides in Sub-Saharan Africa: Gender issues and evidence from Cameroon Gender, Digital divide, Internet adoption, Internet uses
Syden Mishi, Kin Sibanda and Asrat Tsegaye Industry concentration and risk taking: Evidence from the South African banking sector. Industry concentration, Bank risk-taking, Credit risk, South Africa
Nana Akua Anyidoho and William F. Steel Informal-formal linkages in market and street trading in Accra Informal economy, Informal-formal linkages, Market traders, Street vendors, Ghana
Andile Dube and Angelo Dube On the suitability of group lending model in South Sudan’s small and medium enterprises sector South Sudan, SMEs, Group lending model, Post-conflict, Economic growth
Nicholas Addai Boamah Regional and global market integration of African financial markets Market integration, Structural breaks, Diversification gains, Emerging markets, Africa
Nebson Mupunga and PierreLe Roux Simulation analysis of alternative strategies for public debt issuance in Zimbabwe: Is there a trade-off? Public debt management, Debt cost, Risk
Howard W. French and Alfred A. Knopf China’s Second Continent. How a million migrants are building a new empire in Africa China, Africa
Henry Sanderson and Michael Forsythe China's Superbank: Debt, Oil and Influence - How China Development Bank is Rewriting the Rules of Finance China
Tom Burgis The Looting Machine:Warlords, Oligarchs, Corporations, Smugglers, and the Theft of Africa’s Wealth Theft, Africa
Christina Wolf China and latecomer-industrialisation processes in Sub-Saharan Africa: Situating the role of (industrial) policy Industrialization, China-Africa, Industrial policy
Antoine Kernen And Guive Khan Mohammad Chinese goods reshape Africa China in Africa, Chinese goods in Africa, Material culture, African traders
Stephan Mothe and Frances Pontemayor The complementarities of Chinese and Western development finance in sub-Saharan Africa China-Africa relations, Development finance, China Development Bank, Huawei
Yoon Jung Park, Ben Lampert and Winslow Robertson Editorial: China’s impacts on Africa’s development China's impact on Africa
Dong Le Environmental and social risks of Chinese official development finance in Africa: The case of the Lamu Port project, Kenya China, Africa, Official development finance, Environmental and social risk mitigation
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Munacinga C.H. Simatel, Eric Schaling and Paul Alagidede Is Zambia ready for inflation targeting? economic stability, financial development, inflation targeting, monetary policy, Zambia
Akwasi Kwarteng Amoako-Gyampah Striking where it hurts: the political economy of graduate teachers strikes and labour relations in Ghana’s public education sector Ghana, Ghana Education Service, Ghana National Association of Teachers, National Association of Graduate Teachers, strikes, teachers’ unions
Williams Ohemeng, Bo Sjö and Michael Danquah The effects of transaction costs on the optimal price and production risk management for cocoa-exporting countries Futures markets, optimal hedge ratio, cocoa
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Michael Eid and Randy J. Larsen The science of subjective well-being science of subjective well-being
Ferdi Botha and Jen Snowball Subjective well-being in africa Subjective
Steven Gordon The relationship between national well-being and xenophobia in a divided society: The case of South Africa Immigration, national well-being, national Well-being Index, south Africa, xenophobia
Dorit Posel and Daniela Casale Differences in subjective well-being within households: An analysis of married and cohabiting couples in South Africa Happiness gaps, intra-household allocation, life satisfaction, subjective well-being
Rinie Schenck and Derick Blaauw Sen, subjective well-being and poverty in Namibia Amartya sen, capabilities, namibia, poverty, subjective well-being
Marisa von Fintel Subjective well-being, reference groups and relative standing in post-apartheid South Africa Happiness, poverty, reference groups, south Africa, subjective well-being
Understanding the business cycles of Africa's frontier economies business cycles, stylised facts, frontier economies, Africa 2019-06-04
EFFECTS OF TERMS OF TRADE SHOCK ON SELECTED MACROECONOMIC VARIABLES IN SOUTH AFRICA Impulse response function, Terms of trade, Variance decomposition. 2019-05-08
The impact of formal financial services uptake on asset holdings in Kenya: Causal evidence from a propensity score-matching approach financial inclusion, development, asset ownership, propensity score matching, multiple correspondence analysis 2019-03-10